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Boek: MARCELO BIELSA - Coaching Build Up Play Against High Pressing Teams (eng)

18 juli 2017 11:29 - 18 juli 2017 11:39 #527 door admin
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Coaching Build Up Play Against High Pressing Teams

Learn to Coach "The Bielsa Way" - Building Up Play Against High Pressing Teams with 9 Full Sessions (35 Practices) based on 9 Game Situations from the Tactics of Marcelo Bielsa.

This incredible FULLCOLOUR book helps coaches improve improve their training sessions to build up play against high pressing teams, using the tactics of Marcelo Bielsa. .

Athanasios Terzis is a UEFA 'A' Licence Coach and has produced extensive analysis of Marcelo Bielsa in 9 different tactical situations, supported with 9 full training sessions (35 practices). Athanasios is the author of some of the best-selling Football Coaching books, most notably 'Jurgen Klopp's Attacking and Defending Tactics', 'Coaching the Juventus 3-5-2' and 'FC Barcelona Training Sessions', which won the Italian FA Award for “Best Coaching Book” in 2014.

The book includes Marcelo Bielsa's tactics (and playing philosophy) for:

Building up play from the back against high pressing teams
Full analysis of his 4-2-3-1, 3-3-3-1 and 3-4-3 formations
Marcelo Bielsa's attacking philosophy includes a mix of:

Short and long passing
Moving the ball to the free player through 'link players'
Creating numerical advantages
Dragging opposition players out of position and exploiting the gaps created

Marcelo Bielsa is a highly respected coach and is famous for his innovative playing style, tactics and formations. He has had a massive influence on football across the world and on other top coaches, such as Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Jorge Sampaoli and Gerardo Martino.

The aim of the book is to use the innovative tactics of Marcelo Bielsa to provide a complete guide of how to build up play effectively against high pressing teams.

To successfully build up from the back, the team in possession has to follow four steps:

Step 1: Provide a free passing option for the goalkeeper
Step 2: Move the ball to the target or free player
Step 3: Create a numerical advantage in specific areas of the pitch
Step 4: Take advantage (exploit) the numerical advantage
Each chapter has extensive analysis for a tactical situation based on Marcelo Bielsa's tactics and is then followed by a full session to help all coaches adapt the tactics into training sessions for their team.

Chapter 1: Building Up Play from the Back Against 2 Forwards
Chapter 2: Moving the Ball to the Target Player on the Weak Side
Chapter 3: Building Up Play from the Back Against 1 Forward
Chapter 4: Creating and Exploiting 3 v 2 Situations Near the Sideline
Chapter 5: Attacking Solutions with a 3 v 3 Situation Near the Sideline
Chapter 6: Creating and Exploiting Space in a 4 v 3 (or 4 v 4) Situation Around the Ball Area
Chapter 7: Building Up Play Against Ultra-Offensive Pressing
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